In Austria, I did an identical local research on sustainable future models of working and living. The region already has a local initiative map and I used the map as my guide. I audio-recorded my conversations with 33 initiatives and the local radio turned these into a series of 20 one-hour features called „Initiativen zur Erprobung zukunftsfähiger Lebensstile / Initiatives to test sustainable lifestyles“. I also made a multi-media installation in the building of my residency hosts. They invited me in the framework of a festival called „Days of Utopia“, 21-26th April 2015. Another element that developed out of these personal conversations and encounters was a one day networking event of the young regional initiatives called „Network meeting of Initiatives to test sustainable lifestyles“ on 19th April 2015.

I transcribed all the conversations and I am turning this right now into a book. The entire process created many side effects such as invitations with politicians, a book chapter about the project, … again the project mainfested its potential in the local community and had tremendeous feedback as the linking of all the projects hardly ever happens due to lack of time and opportunities.

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