The artist Susanne Bosch raises the question of a good life – for everybody on this planet. She went looking around in Osnabrück and its surroundings, who works locally on sustainable, innovative conditions for living and working. There is a lot to report! Some people collect left-over food and distribute it further, others run community gardens and grow vegetables, others operate Community supported agriculture, drive a citizen-bus, cultivate and harvest “stray” fruit trees, produce their own electricity, try new methods of healing. Some prevent through creative interventions the deportation of asylum seekers and much more.

Susanne Bosch has visited many of these initiatives. She met with people at kitchen tables, in yards, at public desks, in old factory buildings and in community-run cafes. What connects all of them is, that they are driven by ideas, sometimes visions and also grievances, with much zeal and sense of community. They re-design actively and creatively sustainable living and working processes. The signs of change are revealed with one common denominator, which is, that there is no need for hierarchy and ideology when spontaneously doing what is needed for a more sustainable and just life of the people. How does an idea develop into action or even into a movement? These often silent movements, perceived only from time to time by politics and the media, might bring forth what will one day be regarded as the greatest transformation of human society.

An African proverb says: “If many small people in many small places do many small things, they can change the face of the world”. Susanne Bosch wants the many “little people” to meet, to network, that ideas circulate and might find collaborators or imitators. She invited 25 people in the Kunsthalle Osnabrück (February 15th 2015 from 11am to 2 pm), to have a dialogue with visitors interested in their practices.

312 visitors arrived to have a conversation. They were greated by julia Draganovic, the director of the Kusnthalle, at the door step. Equipped with a coffee or other refreshments, they signed up for a conversation with an expert. Some had spontaneuous conversations in the kitchen or hallway, others listened to the 3 conversations who were transmitted into the hallway for those who did not get a free slot with an expert. The up to 30-minute conversations were audio-recorded. Furthermore, an “initiative map” was created to show where and how the existing and future projects to be found. It will be released in Autumn 2015. This way, knowledge and models will be made accessible to a wider audience.

As early as 2013, Paul Hawken, a “Bioneer” and author, listed already 2 million projects and organizations with innovative strength for the future! THIS IS TOMORROW sees itself as a regional ambassador of these heterogeneous global movements and tries to offer a growing number of local projects a greater public presence as well as create awareness of how an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually meaningful world could become a reality.

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